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Mike Mann Should be Happy to Hear This! And Happy Birthday to Me!

So according to this video the song/term? Happy Birthday maybe free of all copyrights soon.

Well if you watch the whole video it looks like its still pending. Anyone have any info on where they are at in the lawsuit? Well I believe that its just the song that is copyrighted not the term “Happy Birthday” But regardless this could mean a huge sale for the Domain Master Mike Mann!

Happy Birthday Copyright possibly being lifted

As you may or may not know Mike Mann owns HappyBirthday.com. If you go to HappyBirthday.com it forwards to Mike’sDomainMarket.com sales lading page. If you do a whois lookup via DomainTools.com you will see that there is a banner stating that this domain is for sale. The price listed on DomainTools.com is $2 Million Dollars. Do you guys think Mike has a better chance at selling this domain once this trademark has bee has been lifted? I do and expect to see a huge sale coming from Mike Mann very soon.

And yes I thought this was an awesome story because I turn 38 tomorrow! Its my Birthday and they do suck as you get older! lol! HappyBirthday.com to me!

Thanks guys!


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