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Mike Mann’s 2013 Strategy!

Thanks Mike for sharing this! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ok4YM3M0R6EmxDoxDyqMZ9FxOm8q74R_PUn7eAywKp0/edit

Cut costs and raise revenues immediately following and documenting best practices. Start newcos in same manner for the benefit of the same family of companies and charities.

Create explicit business plans, assumptions and projections for each entity to explain, which can be used internally and externally.

Have detailed signed contracts for every deal and hiring decision. Measure services offered on modern dynamic web sites with extensive content and apps, A/B testing, R&D, trial and error, using a “quick fail” or success methodology.

Create efficient scalable services leveraging third party technologies, crowdsourcing, and partnerships to effectively blend with our own in house expertise.

Every person and task and hour should fit in with its respective strategy and be delegated, documented and measured accordingly with clear accountability, communications and leadership throughout. Discover additional leadership to follow this plan closely.

Newcos will each have the same basic dynamic structure; consultancies that fit naturally in 5 layer strategy including supporting other companies, low overhead and technology, heavy R&D and A/B testing.

They will follow same layout as existing companies; to be managed by a president in the US and a general manager in the Philippines, with sales management in the field in 4 states: Utah, California, New York, and Florida.

The president will control the company with the CEO and board, and delegate as much as possible to leaders following ACL/5 layers/basecamp/analytics, etc.

The sales and marketing paradigm will be managed by 4 leaders per company without using the terms “sales” or “marketing”:
VP of Online Leadgen (includes webdev, seo, ppc, apps, online partners, content, webinars, newsletters, blogs – tech does no managing just takes orders);

VP of Conversion (this person is in charge of the lead once they come in the door via online processes or appointment setting calls, i.e., whatever inbound leads that hit the phones or forms, maximizing best practices of SalesForce.com and sales practices at MakeMillions.com.) (this person manages the forms, A/B tests, email responses, salespeople speech, and text, and conversion ideas and tests, manages inbound phone bank)
VP of Upselling (more of the service suite), Cross-selling (our family services – layer 3), Retention (keeping a client is cheaper), & Referrals (get them to refer more).

VPs of Field Sales (these are real salespeople that generate their own leads on the phone and in person and close their own deals, not online leads unless the rep generated them personally – all the new people in new cities for example);

Also each company and web site should hire a General Manager/PH to manage a well-tuned variety of teams in Philippines, which should all fit in your new org chart and business plan, and with each task placed in basecamp to share and evolve and complete with other stakeholders.

Most of our internet consulting companies (our main focus) will offer the same long term ubiquitous suite of interactive services leading with their core offering like SEO, PPC, domains, or marketing, etc. then later cross-selling and leveraging services and leads of every other relevant MikeMann.com company in Layer 3, as their online service suite and business plan will anticipate and contracts will clarify.

They will offer each other assistance in Layer 2 and get mutually beneficial signed contracts accordingly, that also financially benefit MikeMann.com and therefore his charities, investments and expenses.

They will have great web sites, business plans and incentivized employment contracts in Layer 1.

They will do excellent sales and marketing to the world in Layer 4, using the new structure above and requisite partnerships.

They will build new sites and brands and blogs and be leaders of their industries, including financing and mergers and acquisitions, in Layer 5.

We will aggressively solidify older brands and people following best practices and 5 layer strategy, while attempting to launch new brands as follows:

IntegratedFinancial.com LLC will help all entities with business planning, consulting and financing, plus launch and optimize their own service suite for external clients; and focus on leadgen and conversion of new clients.

IF will control ProHR.com as a wholly owned subsidiary or DBA which will be in charge of all recruiting and managing employee/contractor contracts and payments. Eventually it will help with best practices and software training.
The concept of IntegratedFinancial.com is to bring high level financial services, including business consulting, mergers and acquisitions assistance as buyer or seller and financing opportunities. We are also looking to offer detailed analytics of internet, telecom, social media, new business licensing, tax advice, and operational reviews, among other items.

SellingForce LLC will help all entities as an outsourced sales and marketing department including leadgen and conversion to add on top of their core sales activities.

AffiliateReferrals.com, LLC will act as a liaison for group affiliation deals, introducing companies to their best sources for bulk distribution of their services whether online or offline.

Crowdsources.com LLC will offer crowd voting, crowd content, blogs, branding, market research, email newsletters, crowd feedback, testing, secret shopper and related services that can be efficiently and profitably offered using evolving modern methods in crowdsourcing leveraging related sites and systems to assist delivering parts of our service suite.

InternetApplications.com LLC will offer online and telecom apps and software development services including the best offerings for new devices from Apple and their competitors.

WebDevelop.com LLC will offer a ubiquitous suite of web design, development, apps and analytics services, keeping in mind it can outsource much within our family and provide services to others within the family, and constantly evolve offerings and provide scale, redundancy and ever more efficiency and cost savings/revenue growth and best practices, so all can offer a fantastically competitive growing ubiquitous suite of online services to small businesses forever. TYVMI.

Cashless.com LLC will offer integrated marketing and payment systems to merchants in this expansive and valuable new industry. Cashless.com will install and service simple “cashless payment systems” for merchants, while promoting their new and existing products and services in an exceptional manner.

Cashless.com will help businesses significantly increase revenue by adding the flexibility of cashless payment systems. We will help revolutionize the way businesses accept payments by efficiently integrating appropriate new marketing concepts and technologies with merchants’ long term core business offerings and technologies, and provide meaningful training.

Over the next ten years millions of merchants will enhance their offerings by accepting payments through nontraditional means, mainly with smart phones and pads, plus integrating the newest and best marketing and technology (from contenders like: Apple/Microsoft/Amazon/Google’s online wallets, V.me/MC/Amex apps, QR codes, Facebook commerce, gift cards, Intuit cashless integration, PayAnywhere, Veriphone, iPad integration, PayPal payments, barcodes, Square.com swipe payments, Boku, Bitcoin, SpotOn, Dwolla services, Buyster, Paybox, Stripe services, biometrics, pay by Tweet, RFID, GPS, near field communications [NFC], etc.). They will need the assistance of the excellent consultants and services provided by Cashless.com.

SocialInteractive.com, LLC will be a social media consulting and development company which will help their customers turn their social efforts into serious monthly social marketing strategies that deliver measurable results. SocialInteractive.com will help clients publish, engage, connect and understand audiences through innovative social marketing strategies.

InternetEngineering.com, LLC will be an internet engineering consulting and development company that offers server and application installations and management, networks, monitoring, security and related disciplines.

We also have a very ambitious plan for charities in 2013, as well as great ideas to implement surrounding best practices evolution, a political movement, keyword ecommerce sites, DomainMarket.com lander portals, apps, and book/blog content which will be addressed in future documents. The combination of leverage from our existing brands and people and ideas mixed with the new ideas above is extremely unique and extraordinarily competitive, and a fantastic one lifetime opportunity for all of us to create incredible value to society.

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