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MikeMann.com gets Hacked!

As DomainGang.com reported yesteray about the drama unfolding with Mike Mann’s former employee of SEO.com. You can check it out here:


Well it turns out possibly that a former SEO.com employee may be the culprit. MikeMann.com. MikeMann.com now resolves to Morman.org. Here are some comments from Mike on his facebook page: Mike Mann:

“My site got hacked by fired Mormon morons, check it out www.mikemann.com

“My site got hacked by fired Mormon morons, redirected it to Mormon.org. (I think the Church would disown you if they knew all the laws you break on their behalf ostensibly, really just greedy, fearful, jealous little flamers not associated with any true religion.)”

“Blank blank are others in the criminal conspiracy to cause financial harm to SEO.com and they will all be prosecuted to the full extent.”

“Can’t wait to put these butt pirates on Crime.org and hire SEO.com and PurePPC to make sure they are top ranked forever, screwed with wrong person, pick weaker targets for your crimes next time.”

Well lets hope this gets resolved quickly because this situation seems to be escalating quickly. We wish you luck Mike in getting whoever hacked your site brought to justice. I hope there is no more harm done in this obvious act of criminal hacking.

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