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MP3s.co goes up for sale on Flippa!

Recently I had read some blog posts about mp3.com getting a million dollar bid. Now Mp3s.co is up for auction for the domain name only on Flippa. So far it has one bid at $380 with 2 days left. What do you guys think it will go for. And yes its my domain and I am hoping I can gain some interest from this post.

Here is a link to the auction: https://flippa.com/2965841-mp3s-co-domain-up-for-sale

I am selling Mp3s.co! If you have been reading the domaining blogs you will know that MP3.com just recently received a Million Dollar bid! Here is your chance to rein in the cash and build this site up or resell it! The reserve is a fraction of the Million Dollar bid that MP3.com received! Don’t let this one pass you by!

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below!

Good Luck!!!

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