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My Sunday Domain Reflections.

So its a very nice Sunday Morning here in OKC. No tornadoes, hail or earthquakes. That is always a good thing but Oklahoma Thunderstorms are the very exciting if you have insurance. lol. The OKC Thunder won the first round of the playoffs Friday night and everything seems to be going great. There is one thing. I haven’t been able to sell a domain recently for the life of me. I have sent out thousands of emails, Made a bunch of calls but so far just a minimal amount of interest. It kills me every week to see Sedo.com, Afternic and the other aftermarkets sell millions of dollars worth of domains every week. Trust me I go over the sale lists and am always knocked outta my chair to see some of the crap that sells. I do believe I have some great domains, Not all of them are great but many of them are worth at least low $x,xxx to mid $x,xxx. If you think I am delusional take a look at my marketplace here: http://www.tntnames.com/domain-marketplace

I am not saying I have the best domains in the world. I don’t have the funds to drop $1k or $5k on a domain to flip yet but I think I speak for most of us. So what I have done is that I will look for future trend domains or really cheap dropping auctions on Godaddy, Namejet or Snapnames. I look For .tv, .co’s and .me’s and others. I have won some great ones and have flipped a $350 .co for $10k so I know it can be done. So my main question is how have you guys been doing? And I am not talking about all the big boys with all the money and killer 6-7 figure domains. I came in late to the game which isn’t a bad thing it will just be very rare for us to make a 6-7 figure deal. If you don’t mind please share how many domains have you sold this year? What was your median price? Just want to get a feel how the market is doing. And I will say forget the weekly sales reports because I don’t believe half of them. Please feel free to share. You don’t have to disclose anything that you don’t want to but I think it will be very interesting where everyone is at. Good luck and happy selling. 🙂

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