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Name Ninja Celebrates Four Years of Acquiring ‘Impossible’ Domain Names

International alliances fuel growth and global reach of Toronto-based domain name brokerage firm that acquires difficult-to-obtain domain names for clients.

TORONTO, May 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Boutique domain name acquisition firm Name Ninja is marking its four-year anniversary with the successful completion of its 200th domain name brokering project. Launched in May of 2013 by domain name expert Bill Sweetman, the Toronto-based domain name brokering firm has grown in size and revenue each year and now serves clients in over 10 countries.

One of the most frustrating challenges faced by entrepreneurs launching a new venture is obtaining their first-choice domain name. It often seems like ‘all the good domains are taken’ because someone else previously registered them. Helping entrepreneurs overcome this obstacle and get their preferred domain name is what Name Ninja specializes in.

Name Ninja (www.nameninja.com) is one of the world’s only independent professional service firms focused on helping serial entrepreneurs, startup founders, and corporate marketers acquire domain names that are owned by third-parties. Using a combination of research, negotiation, and technical skills, the Name Ninja team pursues and acquires domain names on behalf of clients.

One of Name Ninja’s appreciative startup clients is Kyle Doerksen, inventor of the revolutionary Onewheel self-balancing electric skateboard (www.onewheel.com). “Name Ninja did a fantastic job brokering the acquisition of the Onewheel.com domain name for us,” said Doerksen, Founder and CEO of Future Motion in Santa Cruz, California. “Using this exact-match domain name for the Onewheel website has really helped us with branding and marketing.”

In the last 12 months, Name Ninja has grown the size of its international team of domain name acquisition specialists and established strategic alliances with business partners in Europe and Asia. This has increased Name Ninja’s ability to acquire domain names from third-parties no matter where they live or what language they speak.

“I’ve always loved helping people get domain names, so it’s a dream come true for me to be running a company devoted to that,” said domain name expert and Name Ninja founder Bill Sweetman. “Our continued global growth proves there’s a demand for the niche service we provide.”

Some of the memorable domain names that Name Ninja has helped clients acquire as a buyer broker include Skills.com, Verse.com, Amped.com, and Fauna.com.

About Name Ninja
Name Ninja is boutique domain name acquisition firm that helps global entrepreneurs, startups, and marketers get their dream domain names for their next big thing. Find out more at http://www.nameninja.com

Media Contact:
Bill Sweetman
Name Ninja

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