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Name Ninja Publishes Domain Name Price Guide to Help Startup Founders Budget Correctly

The Startup Domain Name Price Guide allows startups to understand the appropriate budgets required to purchase different types of premium domain names. Entrepreneurs who use Name Ninja’s free domain price guide will avoid getting sticker shock from having unrealistic expectations about the fair market value of today’s most desirable startup domain names.

TORONTOJuly 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — How much should startup founders budget to purchase their desired domain name? Name Ninja (http://www.nameninja.com), the Toronto-based domain name brokerage firm that helps companies acquire already-registered domain names, has developed a handy and free guide to the typical price ranges a startup will need to pay for various types of domains.

Presented as an infographic, the Startup Domain Name Price Guide covers different types of domains that are popular with startups such as one-word .com, two-word .com, and invented .com. For each type of domain, Name Ninja’s guide outlines the typical price ranges, from domains that might be unclaimed and available to register for only $10 all the way to extremely popular domains requiring an investment of six-figures or more.

“It’s important for startup founders to have a realistic budget in mind when commencing the naming process and hunt for the matching domain,” said domain name expert and Name Ninja founder Bill Sweetman. “Startups will save themselves a lot of time and stress if they align their name and domain choices with their budget.”

Name Ninja’s free Startup Domain Name Price Guide can be found here: 

According to domain buyer broker Bill Sweetman, if you’ve got your heart set on a one-word .com domain name, you’re likely going to need to invest at least six-figures. Why? Those types of domains are in short supply and have very high demand. Sweetman should know; his domain buyer brokerage firm receives requests every day from potential clients seeking Name Ninja’s help buying one-word .com and other domains.

Name Ninja (www.nameninja.com) is one of the world’s only independent professional service firms focused on helping serial entrepreneurs, startup founders, and corporate marketers acquire domain names that are owned by third-parties. Using a combination of research, negotiation, and technical skills, the Name Ninja team pursues and acquires domain names on behalf of clients.

The Startup Domain Name Price Guide also includes a series of domain name buying tips based on Name Ninja’s experience working on hundreds of domain acquisition projects for clients.

About Name Ninja
Name Ninja is a boutique domain name acquisition firm that helps global entrepreneurs, startups, and marketers get their dream domain names for their next big thing. Find out more at http://www.nameninja.com

Link to the infographic of Name Ninja’s Startup Domain Name Price Guide:

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Bill Sweetman
Name Ninja

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