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NameJet Offers First-Of-Its-Kind Emoji Domain Name Auction

NameJet and Emoji Domains Investors Group have partnered together to offer a first-of-its-kind emoji domain name auction.
Dec. 11, 2017 / PRZen / JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — NameJet, the industry-leading domain name auction platform, is offering premium one to three character and word and emoji domain names in public auction on its website. Many of these select emoji domains are being offered at no reserve by some of the industry’s top emoji domain experts. Domains have been provided by Page Howe, EmojiUrl.com, BuyEmojis.ws, EmojiEmpires.com, EmojiHQ.com and EmojiDomains.ws.

“Emoji domains work on almost all the world’s smartphones and are the second most popular language in many countries. Imagine one color graphical emoji domain name without any need for translation globally.” Remarked emoji domain investor Page Howe. “With emoji domain names you can capture everything it means to “be” the object, emotion, feeling, or prestige of each emoji or emoji phrase.

“Whether as Tech Collectibles, easy to remember forwards, category-defining websites or just plain rare and special domains to own, this market is only now becoming known, and the potential seems endless and undiscovered.” Howe Continued. These emoji domain names are in the .ws extension as .com and the new tlds are restricted from offering any new emoji domains beyond the 50-60 existing grandfathered names.

3-day public auctions began on December 10th will continue through the month of December. These premium emoji domains are available at http://www.NameJet.com/featuredauctions/emoji. A NameJet account is required to participate.

About NameJet:
NameJet, LLC, a joint venture between eNom, Inc., a subsidiary of Tucows, Inc., and Network Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary Web.com, is the world’s leading domain name aftermarket platform. Launched in 2007, NameJet has since processed more than 200,000 domain auctions on its award-winning and easy-to-use website. With an exclusive inventory of expired and deleted domains from several of the largest registrars, plus top-quality premium name listings and best-of-breed drop catching services, NameJet is the industry’s most trusted auction and aftermarket services provider.

About Emoji Domains Investors Group:
The Emoji Domains Investors Group educates and promotes Emoji awareness, domains and services. The Group also provides best practice advice and solutions for companies, brands, and individuals looking to add awareness and prestige to their digital marketing with Emoji Domain Names.

Follow the full story here: https://przen.com/pr/33227629

Source: NameJet.com


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