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Thanks for checking out Its been a wild ride recently and I wish I had bought into Number domains a long time ago. I really never invested in any as I never saw any real value in and higher. Recently I had purchased a and had thought I stuck gold. Well unfortunately I did not. I was not really aware of PINYIN or the Chinese demand for these types of names. Basically I went out and spent about $250 on one and it has the worst numbers according to the Chinese requirements. Here is a cool article about what numbers mean to the Chinese:

Well the number domain that I own is I had recently put this domain up on and had alot of discussions about it. I had a reserve in the low $x,xxx range and the top bid was $535. I relisted the domain Friday and bidding is back up to $301 and a message offer of $575.

Now here is my question, If the Chinese buy up all of the domains and domains like are out there owned by people like me with no prior knowledge of the Chinese requirements, wouldn’t this make my domain possibly worth more in the future? Basically I am saying that 5N.coms will mostly be gone besides names like mine and others with the #4 in it. Maybe these nubmer domains become valuable with another culture or just because they will be rare. Please comment below and give me some insight if I should hold on to this domain until the value goes up due to rarity or should I sell it if it gets up to $1000 or so? If you guys don’t want to comment I will add a poll below and try to gauge what this domain might be worth.

I also wanted to share the other number domains I own right now. Nothing really special but hey this number domain trend is like the lottery. I really wish a year ago I would have purchased a bunch of these domains. Hopefully these weren’t a waste of money. Here is what I own right now:

I also went through some of my lower numbers and attempted to find out the meaning. Some of these meanings may be go very well with some of the new GTLD’s. I am going to do some more research but you can do some of your own on the link below. It has all of the meanings up to the number 3000. Dont know if its accurate but still pretty neat.


245.IO – [fǎn] turn over, return, revolt, (=反对 fǎnduì) oppose, combat; 反映 fǎnyìng reflect
[bǎn] 反反 bǎnbǎn proper, fitting – [shǐ] make, cause to (do), send (as envoy), (=使用 shǐyòng) use, apply
{Compare with 吏 lì and 便 biàn official} – píng] flat, level, even; 水平 shuǐpíng level; 和平 hépíng peace; 平常 píngcháng ordinary, common, usually
{Compare with 半 bàn half} – shǎo] few, little, less, lack
[shào] young; 少年 shàonián juvenile – [tā] it, its – duàn] section, paragraph; 手段 shǒuduàn method, means (to an end), strategy – [qǐ] stand on tiptoe, hope for, look forward to; 企业 qǐyè enterprise; 企图 qǐtú attempt; 企鹅 penguin – [yù] meet; 遇到 yùdào encounter – [xìng] good fortune, luck; 幸福 xìngfú happy – zhuāng] dress up, load, install, (=假装 jiǎzhuāng) pretend
143.ONLINE – [lì] (=活力 nénglì) energy, vitality, <family name>, (=力量 lìliang) strength, force – [kuǎn] fund – [kuǎn] fund – [xǐ] happiness; 喜欢 xǐhuān like – yù] meet; 遇到 yùdào encounter – yù] meet; 遇到 yùdào encounter – [yōu] excellent; 优良 fine; 优秀 outstanding; 优越 yōuyuè superior – [xìng] good fortune, luck; 幸福 xìngfú happy
Here is the link to the auction so you can watch and see what goes for.

Flippa Auction for

What is the Domain worth today?


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