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New Competitive Intelligence App Reveals Competitors’ Secrets & Internet Activities

IP Neighborhood announced today the launch of a suite of new competitive intelligence tools enabling organizations to analyze their competitors, monitor trade marks and investigate Internet activities

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) April 11, 2013

IP Neighborhood, today announced the launch of a suite of competitive intelligence tools that enable organizations to analyze competitors and uncover their online activities.

IP Neighborhood monitors domain name registrations, web servers, marketplaces, as well as trade mark applications across multiple countries. “If you are a Stratgegy Manager, Competitive Intelligence Manager or a Security Professional, you rely on hard facts about your operating environment.” said IP Neighborhood co-founder Simon Johnson. “IP Neighborhood enables you to anticipate your competitors moves, decrease your organizations response time and protect your assets.”

“Companies can now take proactive action against people who use their brand names and trade marks without permission. IP Neighborhood can alert you when similar domain names or trademarks have been registered. This enables companies to protect their intellectual property, before the matter becomes a high reputational risk.” said Johnson.

IP Neighborhood can also be used to:

Uncover competitors new initiatives, by revealing domain names that they have registered;

Discover new and existing web sites. For example: previously unknown websites hosted on your competitors’ servers;

Browse though IP address ranges to identify domain names and web sites;

Conduct a domain name search to detect copyright infringement. For example, domains listed for sale on aftermarkets;

View current and historical domain name ownership records;

Track your domain name registrations and receive renewal alerts before the domain names expire;

Manage your online reputation;

“The applications for Law Enforcement, IT Security, eCrime and Fraud Prevention Managers are immense” said Johnson. “We have made it very quick and easy to track persons of interest, companies, trade marks, domain names, IP addresses and Internet servers. Our API can also be used by companies and law enforcement to hook into existing IT systems.”

Pricing for IP Neighborhood starts at $4.95 for a Day Pass or $39.95 a month for a Gold membership. You can signup online at IP Neighborhood.

About IP Neighborhood

IP Neighborhood provides competitive intelligence services to businesses, enabling them to identify new markets, research their competitors and protect their intellectual property.

About Kikabink

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Kikabink International Pty Ltd is a privately held company that provides products and services in the fields of competitive intelligence and domain name monetization. Kikabink is best known for Domainer Income, the leading domain name investment platform, and its Domain Sales iPhone® app that provides businesses with invaluable information for valuing domain names and websites – available for free via the iTunes® App Store or the Domain Sales website.

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