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New GTLD Internet Era Will Create Many Jobs and Investment Opportunities.

New GTLD Internet Era Will Create Many Jobs and Investment Opportunities

Thousands of new GTLD domain extensions mean
thousands of new jobs for business consultants, advertising marketing
professionals, investment advisors and other domain name and Internet marketing
Legal services and support professionals.


PRLog (Press Release) – Apr. 8, 2013 – WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Thousands of new
dot name extensions will soon be introduced to the Internet. These new dots or
GTLD names as they are referred to will compete with current net names whose
address are based on current dots like .com .net .org .edu and other extensions.

GTLD domain names will change the Internet forever says Scott Alliy President of
Brand and Image Solutions Provider KetMo.com a company that provides
professional advisory services to new and existing internet businesses and also
provides a domain name sales and auction platform at their website

Internet businesses go to great lengths and expense hiring SEO professionals to
design and implement strategic policies programs and procedures in a desperate
attempt to fain top search rankings for coveted keyword search results on
Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other major search engines.

The holy grail for businesses that heavily engage in search engine optimization
tactics as a marketing strategy is the high quality traffic that being found
first on the search engines for specific keywords relating to your business
products and services can deliver.

The new rush of GTLD extensions, each expected to produce millions more dot
names is about the change the search rank game dramatically and forever says
Scott who is an 18 year domain name and internet marketing industry veteran.

Getting in the top three search results with millions of possible keyword
combinations and dot name extensions for products and services offered by any
particular business was hard. Hundreds even thousands more dot extensions each
with their own millions of dot names using their extension will make the
practice of gaining top search ranking in the current search results display
format used by major search engines practically obsolete Scott says.

Of course says Scott key players in the pending new GTLD Internet order are thus
far keeping their development and operations plans close to the vest. For this
reason even seasoned experts as himself and others are taking a wait watch
carefully and see attitude to see just what changes that major Internet players
that provide core services to businesses and consumers will announce and

Scott expects companies trying to compete in the GTLD era to rely heavily on
branding, brand marketing and traditional marketing and advertising services and
practices in an attempt to gain the eyeballs and attention of a consumer market
that will soon be bombarded with offers and opportunities from global companies
as yet to be introduced and whose company and brand will be based on a new GTLD

As thousands of new companies rise and take advantage of their second
opportunity to own a premium brand domain name in on of the newly introduced
GTLD dot name extensions so to will the number of opportunities for legal and
marketing professionals as well as ecommerce business consultants, web
development and design, website hosting and security services companies and
other support services like programmers. And yes there will be new SEO
consulting and mobile marketing consulting opportunities to go along with the
brand advisors and business and trademark and brand protection consultants.

The first round of over 1900 global GTLD extensions have been applied for and
while to date about 30 applications have rescinded their application that still
leaves an incredible number of new dot extensions to be introduced that in total
represent the most massive change to the Internet since its sudden popularity
rise in 1995 to 2000 time frame.

Not to be left out says Scott the new GTLD
Internet era will open tremendous doors of opportunity for savvy domain name
investors who are expected to act quickly and decisively to obtain one word
generic dot names in specific high demand dot extensions to either develop,
monetize with advertising or other means or resell them to end users for a
handsome profit.

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