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New gTLDs Are Becoming Mainstream

Today: Domains losing age (Original registration date) without dropping / .NET price increase February 1st / Domain name investing has reached the bottom of the barrel / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

The.Club sold for $300,000 – Now that is a great new gTLD sales report. It’s sales like this one that show the new gTLDs are here to stay for the long haul and aren’t going anywhere.

The world’s shortest domain names – Now these domains are pretty short. Not many people are lucky enough to own a single character domain name on a short 2 character extension. Did you get lucky? What’s the shortest domain you have seen in the wild, in use?

NewYorkCryptoShop.com – This is a super long geo cryptocurrency domain name. Do you think these types of investments have any resale value at all in today’s crypto markets?

Domain name investing has reached the bottom of the barrel – Are you noticing a lack of sales now that the market is being flooded with crypto, stock, and other investment opportunities? Has the bottom of the barrel actually been reached or is the industry about to do a rebound and come back even stronger than before?

Domains losing age (Original registration date) without dropping – How common is this? Was it a glitch that caused the age to start over or is there a more widespread epidemic happening? Have you seen this happen to any of your domains during a registrar transfer?

.NET price increase February 1st – Another .net price increase for those of you investing in the legacy gTLD. Are you ready for the hit when it comes time to renew your portfolio full of .net’s? Break out your calculator to see how it’s going to affect you.

New gTLDs Are Becoming Mainstream – Even if they haven’t become fully mainstream yet, there is a clear sign that the future does hold some big potential and promise for the new gTLDs. There’s no doubt with some of the larger new gTLD sales that there is a market for them.

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