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New Tech Inspired .nyc Premium Domain Names Hit Auction in May

Premium .nyc Domains Such as APPS.nyc, VC.nyc and UX.nyc Made Available to New York City’s Booming Tech Scene

STERLING, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Neustar, Inc. (NYSE:NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services and the registry services partner of the .nyc top-level domain, today announced that the City of New York will open access to high-value .nyc premium domain names, with the auction of technology themed web addresses, such as Apps.nyc, Vc.nyc, and Ux.nyc.

New Tech Inspired .nyc Premium Domain Names Hit Auction in May

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The domain name auction will give New Yorkers in the City’s five boroughs a handpicked selection of twenty-six premium domain names in the .nyc namespace, including the highly coveted two character domain names, Vc.nyc and Ux.nyc. These rare and premium domain names are associated with the technology industry, giving New York developers, designers, brands, marketers, entrepreneurs, startups and businesses access to some of the most in demand digital real estate in the world.

The following premium domain names will be made available at auction:

Angel.nyc Appdeveloper.nyc Apps.nyc Blogs.nyc
Chat.nyc Cloud.nyc Computers.nyc Connect.nyc
Consultants.nyc Contractors.nyc Create.nyc Demo.nyc
Designs.nyc Dev.nyc Gaming.nyc Geek.nyc
Gps.nyc Seminars.nyc Startup.nyc Ux.nyc
Vc.nyc Web.nyc Webcam.nyc Webdesign.nyc
Webhosting.nyc Wireless.nyc

As many notable tech meet-ups, conferences and industry events take center stage in May to discuss emerging technologies and innovations, the New York tech scene will gain exclusive access to the premium domains at 3 p.m. EST on May 2, 2017 until 3:15 p.m. EST on May 18, 2017. The auction will take place entirely online and interested parties must register and comply with all rules to participate. All of the auction details can be found at Auctions.nyc.

In the last .nyc auction, the fashion premium domains garnered incredible demand with Fashion.nyc and Shop.nyc commanding record-breaking bids ($37,000 and $33,500, respectively). The bid prices started at just $500, ensuring that small businesses, startup founders, and individuals from every borough could participate equally in the auction process. The inaugural auction, themed around living and real estate, kicked-off a city-wide appreciation for one-of-a-kind local domains that allow businesses and entrepreneurs to stand out on the Web. Additional premium domain name auctions are expected to take place throughout the year and may include themes such as Finance, Business, Jobs and Careers.

“As New York City’s burgeoning technology industry continues to grow, job opportunities increase and economic activity rises, access to these tech specific domain names will give our founders, startups and entrepreneurs the opportunity to build an even stronger connection with the iconic New York City brand,” said Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer for the City of New York.

“With a growth rate of 18 percent in tech sector jobs over the past ten years, New York City has become a hotbed for tech founders and entrepreneurs,” said Sean Kaine, Vice President of Registry Solutions, Neustar. “As the tech scene continues to propel forward with new ideas and close to 9,000 startups calling New York their home, individuals and entrepreneurs have the rare opportunity to secure their own piece of internet history.”

.nyc was launched in October of 2014 with the support of an innovative group of early adopters and enthusiasts, including Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer and tens of thousands of local business owners, such as Sideways.nyc, Digital.nyc, and StartupHub.nyc, among others. Today, .nyc has become the largest of all city-affiliated domains.

“As New York City’s official hub for tech and startups, Digital.nyc supports and promotes our vibrant and diverse tech and startup ecosystem,” said Marcos Dinnerstein, Editor, Digital.nyc. “We display the range and depth of innovation and opportunity in New York City and are home to thousands of thriving startups. The .nyc domain provides a blueprint for how industries and cities can work together to create a common good that is accessible to all.”

Sharing his advice about starting a business in New York City, Darrien Charlton, Co-Founder of Whim.nyc said, “For new businesses starting in New York City [.nyc is] a great idea. Because it’s a lot cheaper, it’s more accessible, and it’s a constant reminder to your consumers that you’re catering to that specific area.”

Yaniv Liron, Founder and CEO of Lumina.nyc said, “[.nyc] is cleaner and prettier. That is the kind of look we like to give our customers when we design websites. Having a short name with NYC is elegant. NYC is the region we want to be associated with. That is where we started, where we live, and where we are going to stay.”

In order to take part in the .nyc premium domain name auction, interested bidders should visit Auctions.nyc to learn more. Bidders should register prior to the auction open date and familiarize themselves with all the rules, restrictions and auction details.

About .nyc

.nyc is the official web address for New York City. The .nyc top-level domain (TLD) has become the largest city domain in the world, adopted by New York City residents, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations in more than two-dozen industries. The City of New York partners with Neustar, the official registry services provider for .nyc, to manage, market, and maintain the .nyc namespace.

About Neustar

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