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New Top-Level Domain Educational Website Launches

Beyondthedot.com Explains Unprecedented Expansion of the Internet FairWinds Targets General Public

Washington, DC (PRWEB) October 08, 2013

A new website – Beyondthedot.com – launched Tuesday to educate the public about the coming expansion of the Internet in the form of new top-level domains, the text to the right of the dot in a web address.

Beyondthedot.com is an informational site for both consumers and businesses that explains everything one might want to know about new top-level domains in an easy-to-understand, fun, and practical way. The site contains a database of applicants and their proposed names for new top-level domains, answers to questions a novice might ask, and a helpful glossary to decipher unfamiliar terms.

Later this year, the first of 1,400 new top-level domains will begin to launch, increasing by 2,500 percent the number of extensions that will anchor thousands of new websites. Currently, about 22 top-level domains are in common use – such as .COM, .ORG, and .NET.

“This unprecedented expansion of the Internet is still flying below the radar,” said Leslie Phillips, SVP for Marketing and Communications at FairWinds Partners, which specializes in website address optimization and created the new website. “It will come as a surprise to many people and it will likely be confusing. But our research shows that once consumers learn more, they catch on to new top-level domains quickly.

“Because of our experience helping clients apply for new top-level domains, we knew we could help Internet users sort through the confusion and help them understand not only how the Internet is changing but the implications of these changes and the benefits they will bring.”

FairWinds Partners has conducted market research to determine public attitudes toward new top-level domains. A poll of 1,000 Internet users found that few knew about the new extensions and that most thought they would confuse people. But the survey also found that, with minimal education, confusion dropped by 11 percent. Another poll, found a broad willingness among Internet users to try out the new web addresses, particularly those backed by brand-named companies.

“We hope Beyondthedot.com will help make the debut of new top-level domains less complicated and serve the public interest,” Phillips said.

Navigate to Beyondthedot.com to learn about the coming, unprecedented expansion of the Internet.

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