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Nice job but I will have to call FAIL! What Do You Think?

So FedEx decided to do a Press Release about their new service that is called “Ship to Friends” via Facebook yesterday. I happened to come across it and I thought it was a cool idea. The idea is to be able to click your friends profile on Facebook and have the option to send them a package. The only problem I see is that they forgot to secure the domain name/names that go with it. I noticed that someone else registed ShipToFriends.com today after he saw the release. I think FedEx should have secured these domains before they released this new service. In the press release a company called Booz & Company expect the market for social commerce-a subset of e-commerce that uses social media to buy and sell goods-to explode to $30 billion USD in just three years. So IMHO this may be a gold mine for Fedex.

So here is my question. Is it wrong to register domains pertaining to this new service? I already know UPS will jump on this. Do you think the guy who registered ShipToFriends.com is just asking for it, or just genius for regging the domain? I can say that I did reg one domain that may work in the future with this new vertical but IDK. I bought ShippingApp.net just for fun. Hey it cost me $2.95. Someone else already got the .com and it wasent FedEx.

Please leave some feedback on what you think? Its a major part of domaning by finding the latest technology and innovations. Is it CyberSquatting or are all domainers Cyber Squatters. All’s I know is that Domaning is one of the most lucritive businesses in the world and I love it. I am still learning new things each and every day I and I want to thank all of you for helping me becoming more well rounded in this industry.

Below is the press release that FedEx put out today.

FedEx Keeps Friends Connected with the Launch of an Innovative, New Facebook Shipping App

November 08 2012 –

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Nov. 8, 2012-As Facebook tops one billion active users per month, experts predict it will increasingly become a fully integrated part of how we do everything from chat to shop. In fact, experts at Booz & Company expect the market for social commerce-a subset of e-commerce that uses social media to buy and sell goods-to explode to $30 billion USD in just three years. FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) is ahead of that innovation curve, today launching the FedEx® Ship to Friends app that allows people who use Facebook to prepare and pay for a U.S. domestic shipment without ever leaving Facebook.

sFedEx Ship to Friends is designed for the tech-savvy, social-media hungry generation that’s never known a world without FedEx. The intuitive online shipping app can be found at https://apps.facebook.com/fedexshipping. To use, Facebook members:

Select the app from the menu and click “Start Shipping”
Populate the fields with basic details on the package’s origin, destination, dimensions and estimated weight
Choose the speed of service desired-from “Premium Choice” to “Best Deal”-and compare the estimated rates
Enter credit card payment information via the secure payment platform
Once the transaction is complete, an email with a PDF of the shipping label and tracking number will be emailed directly to the shipper
Simply print the label, affix it to the package and drop it off at the most convenient FedEx location
The app allows people to easily share with friends to let them know about packages they’ve shipped. Once a shipment is complete, people have the option to post to their friend’s timeline that they’re shipping a package to them and can include a customized message. The app also provides a drop-down menu of Facebook friends to select from as the recipient of the package, making it even easier to ship a package quickly. The app is available on desktop as well as mobile devices.

From the introduction of tracking numbers to mobile shipping solutions, FedEx has a long legacy of industry-leading innovations that make the process of shipping and receiving simpler for our customers across the globe,” said Charlie Ciaramitaro, director of Marketing for FedEx Services. “With FedEx Ship to Friends, we’re connecting with customers in the networks and communities they enjoy, while positioning our company to maximize the transition to social commerce.”

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.

So in closing I think that this is a great idea. Do you think FedEx failed by not purchasing the relevant domain names? Or do you think they dont need the domain names because this service is going to be intergrated via Facebook and on their FedEx.com site. I am truely asking you guys for your input becasue I have no idea.

Thanks guys for reading tonight!


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