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November’s .CO sales report. .CO sales remain strong!

There again some strong .CO sales for the month of November. So I would say that November has been a great month for .co. First off there was some big news about two .co names making the news. First off Legalize.co took off this month and is grabbing attention all the way to the White House. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/legalize-recreational-marijuana-state-california/MX8p5BXk . Next Thotz.co last week Unveiled the Best Way to See the Cloud.

I have listed below all of the reported .CO sales for the month of November 2012. Thre are some great names on this list. Lead.co is already a site and it looks really good.

Lead.co – $25,000
Base.co = $9,000
IRR.co – $1,300
Sweetie.co – $1,500
Rockets.co – $1,000
COMM.co – $1,013
Exit.co – $2,050
HaHa.co – $1,000
Strum.co – $1,000
Wod.co – $4,160

So keep in mind these are only the reported sales. There are many .co sales that are happeneing and not being reported. Lead.co’s sale was just released by the .co registry. According to the who is info the last transfer date was May 7th, 2012. Well there you have it this months sales report. .co sales remain on a steady pace. More and more companies are migrating over to .co. Keep an eye out for some more .CO exciting news!

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