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The Auction for Nuoxin.com is up to $19,750 on Dropcatch.com.

As you guys may already know I have been watching the auction for 7777.net on DropCatch.com since yesterday. As of now 17:30 CST 7777.net is up to $12,150. You can check out what I blogged about last night and join the running poll on guess how much it will sell for here:

As I have been watching this auction I noticed tonight that the auction for the dropped domain Nuoxin.com is still running. The main auction began this afternoon right after DropCatch.com caught the domains. As of this writing it is still going on and the price is at $19,750. I will try and keep an eye on it but may not get the final price as it will disappear once the auction ends. There has been a battle between two bidders since the $15k mark and it doesn’t seem like its going to let up anytime soon.

Best I can tell is that Nuoxin is a company in Hong Kong. Its could be this one but it doesn’t look like they use that domain: http://www.chinanx.hk/ I cant find out much about this company but I am hoping they haven’t mistaken it for Nioxin which seems to be a huge hair loss cure site. If you guys have any insight why this is selling for such a high price please comment below.

You can check out the action here if its still going on.


****Looks like the auction ended, the last price I saw was $21,500. ITs safe to say that this domain sold for over $20k. Does anyone know why this domain had this sorta value? ****

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