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Online Businesses For Sale Can Go for Less Than a Hundred Dollars as VRE Direct Unveils New 148 Mature Domains at Bargain Rates

The perfect domain name for a specific business can be worth over a few thousand dollars. VRE Direct shatters that notion by unveiling 148 mature domains that aren’t going to cost an arm and a leg but are going to make branding and recognition much easier for businesses looking to establish Web presence.

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) May 10, 2013

From Web marketing to chiropractic health, from events management to wealth management, VRE Direct’s list of domain names is a veritable buffet of businesses for every entrepreneur. Prime resource for virtual real estate, VREDirect.com, recently announced that it has 148 domain names available at bargain prices. Each domain name is currently priced at $99. VRE Direct also informs entrepreneurs looking to invest in multiple online businesses for sale that with a purchase of five domain names, they will be entitled to receive an extra one, at no additional cost.

With the World Wide Web getting virtually crowded as every company and every organization on the planet fights for space, enhancing Web presence has never been more crucial for businesses, now more than ever. Buying the perfect domain name for the corresponding business is one of the key aspects to getting an edge over the competition because being found on the Web becomes much easier.

Among the 148 mature domain names that are up for grabs now on the VRE Direct website are superfasttours.com, wealthinjection.net (and .org, also), outsourcingsecrets.org, searchenginerankingsreport.com (and .org, too), healthylivingsecrets.com, sixpackflatabs.com, lovelycelebrations.com, productreleaseformula.com, bestchiropractors.com.au, fastwebmarketer.com, abovegroundpool.org, and a host of other domain names that match a specific business.

According to VRE Direct, these domain names do not include the website. The names may be used once buyers have actually built their sites for the respective domains. In addition to the 148 new ones being sold, VRE Direct also sells 159 other domains, which makes a total of 307 mature domains on sale for $99. For entrepreneurs looking to invest more modest amounts, VRE Direct offers the 64 mature domains at $19.

VRE (Virtual Real Estate) Direct is in the business of investing in prime domain names. It also does high quality yet affordable and brandable websites, offering webpreneurs a cost-efficient way to invest in businesses for sale. The company presents a comprehensive list of quality domain names including mature domains that have acquired credible links and established page ranks as assigned by search engines like Google. Some of the categories entrepreneurs can look over include business, sports, travel, automotive, home and family, finance and legal, food and drink, Internet marketing, computer technology, real estate, and many others of consumer interest.

Says VRE Direct about mature domains, “Mature domains with years’ worth of history can give you a trust advantage. Some domains still have links and fresh cache dates from websites in some cases that may have been built on them. Most good names have already been registered so it makes sense to buy the name you really like with some age on it.”

Every business online needs to build on its branding and establish recognition in its industry in order to stay ahead of the competition. But accomplishing both will require getting found on the Web first. VRE Direct holds that doing so does not have to equate to huge expenses — just the right investments made for the right Internet businesses for sale or good quality, mature domain names.

To view the rest of the 148 mature domain names and to get more details about purchasing a domain name, visit the VRE Direct website today.

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