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Own Austin – Austin.com Domain Name Announced For Sale.

AUSTIN, Texas–(Business Wire)–Austin.com, the geo-city, premium domain name is now made available for sale.

Austin City Crypto-Currency Token (concept) and Custom @Austin.com Email Leasing. (Photo: Business W ... Austin City Crypto-Currency Token (concept) and Custom @Austin.com Email Leasing. (Photo: Business Wire)

The strategic M&A firm OODIENCE has been retained as exclusive representation for the sale.

The domain name acquisition allows a new owner to utilize it for the built-in “Austin authority”.

Strategic uses for market share, brand authority and relevance to Austinites can include political campaigning, solar and energy companies, real estate firms and more.

A similar sale of Denver.com, reported as a “7-figure deal” was acquired by Kentwood Real Estate’s Peter Niederman in 2012 and was “paid for in 3 years” with the growth in business.

In a digital sense, Austin.com is the tallest building downtown. No other domain conveys the instant credibility and relevance in the city.

Geo-domains are often held for decades as owners rarely have a motivated reason to release their asset.

Among these is David Castello, owner of Nashville.com who views the value of their city domain as worth “$40M or more” and is “not for sale”.

Previous successful city and country .com domain sales include Korea.com ($5M), Beijing.com (estimated at $3-$6M sold by GoDaddy), LA.com ($1.2M), MyrtleBeach.com ($6.5M) and LasVegas.com ($90M) and Russia.com ($1.5M).

As communication channels get more fragmented, authorities win. Powers of scale are the motivation for billion dollar mergers and acquisitions.

The importance of authority-brand value is a must for competitiveness.

In 2017, Austinite Noah Kagan, founder of the daily deals site AppSumo rebranded and purchased Sumo.com for $1.5M after 7 years of negotiations – because it “plants your flag on top of the hill.”

Similarly, Ring.com, recently acquired by Amazon for $1 billion underwent a rebrand during their growth to the shorter Ring.com domain which it purchased for $1 million. CEO Jamie Siminoff has estimated the domain name’s revenue value to the company to have been worth “$30M – $50M”.

The Austin.com domain availability offers a great advantage opportunity to major industries, media, energy sector, financial leaders and investors especially during the city’s own continued growth.

“America’s Future Is Texas,” declares Lawrence Wright of The New Yorker.

“Austin’s booming population growth blows past the rest of Texas,” writes John Egan at CultureMap Austin.

Austin is also growing as a hub for the blockchain and crypto-currency sector.

With New York Coin being launched by Kevin O’Leary, Berkely coin recently launched by the city and the City of Dubai issuing their own coin – there is opportunity for an Austin cryptocurrency token launch as well possibly as a “discount club” for Austinites.

The domain also has built-in strong revenue opportunities via the annual rentals of custom Email addresses NAME@austin.com and subdomains INDUSTRY.austin.com, often renting from a few hundred to several thousand per year.

For details, bids or press contact intermediary Rob Toth at the OODIENCE office (416) 639-2227 or by email contact@oodience.com

OODIENCE Media Channels Inc
Exclusive M&A Representation for Austin.com
Rob Toth, 416-639-2227

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/3727319#ixzz5CPdq4XHt

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