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Pitching a singular domain to a company with the plural version

Today: The NEW 21st Century Paradigm for Domaining / The .RSVP discussion / OnDemand.net sold for $15,056 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Needing a developed blog/news site – High Budget – If you have a developed news site in your portfolio, be sure to check out this buyers guideline. They have $30,000.00 to invest.

Looking for cheap names – Be sure to double check your portfolio for a cheap domain you want to liquidate. this buyer is ready to invest in bulk.

Matsudo (.) org – The .com has value, but does the .org version? How much would you evaluate Matsudo.org for in today’s markets?

The .RSVP discussion – Are you investing in .rsvp domain names? If so, jump into the discussion, share research, and compare notes with other like-minded investors.

The NEW 21st Century Paradigm for Domaining – Have you seen a shift in the domain industry today compared to the past? Has the change been more beneficial to investors or more cumbersome?

OnDemand.net sold for $15,056 – A great five digit motivational domain names ales report to get your blood pumping and heart racing.

Pitching a singular domain to a company with the plural version – Have you ever had any success selling the singular version of a domain to a company that owned the plural? How did you do it?

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