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planet.ECO® Launches New Website

At the heart of the new website is a unique social networking platform.

Hollywood, California (PRWEB) October 17, 2013

On October 1, 2013, planet.ECO LLC launched its highly anticipated website planetdoteco.com. At the heart of this website is its unique social network. This social network caters to the growing wave of environmental consciousness by facilitating care and actions that protect the environment and combat climate change.

Stamford, CT-based planet.ECO LLC was founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Jean William and Moses Boone. In addition to being the force behind planetdoteco.com, the company is 1 of only 4 applicants in the world being evaluated for management of the .ECO Top Level Domain, which will be awarded in 2014. The .ECO Top Level Domain will be primarily devoted to sustainability, functioning as an environmental .com. .ECO will provide a new way to locate, promote, and share valid information that contributes to the rising global movement to make sustainable practices the norm. Additionally, planet.ECO LLC is the owner of the exclusive US .ECO trademark and currently licenses .ECO names.

When asked what influenced the creation of planet.ECO®, Chairman and CEO, Jean William reflects, “Many individuals and organizations are working around the world to save our ecosystem, but these folks are not necessarily united or aware of each other’s efforts. The Internet is the best tool to consolidate global efforts to restore the planet because no medium matches the Internet in its immediacy and global reach. .ECO is a niche Top Level Domain with a laser focus on ecological, economic, and social responsibility. It will make it easier to locate and interact with others committed to eco-friendly practices. .ECO will bring to mind ecology in a way .com cannot. All who identify themselves with the .ECO domain will be quickly located, identified with, and branded as a sustainability proponent.”

About planet.ECO®

planet.ECO®, while creating a grassroots solution to address environmental issues, will maximize use of the Internet to develop opportunities and growth in the green economy. Their communication platform unites users who CARE and want to translate their concern into action by connecting and engaging others to provide or find goods and services that promote sustainability. This creates a global avenue that protects the environment and combats climate change while supporting economic and social prosperity. planet.ECO®’s own concern for the planet is reflected in their commitment to ensure that 5% of pre-tax operating costs go to environmentally-conscious organizations and causes.

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