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Preliminary Results for Sedo’s .CO Premium Auction for Startups! Casinos.co sells for $24,500!

I was watching the end of Sedo’s .CO Premium Auction for Startups and tried to get down some of the domains that have met thier reserves or at least were in the reserve range. I have listed the .CO’s that met the reserve below. I also noticed there was a pretty exciting bidding war going on with Casinos.co, Home.co, Kind.co and FWD.co. Thew bidding war lasted about an hour after the official ending time for the auction. NOTE: THESE ARE UNOFFICIAL RESULTS!

Casinos.co – $24,500
Home.co – $24,999
Hot.co – $10,100
Shoot.co – $2,000
Astrology.co – $2,400
Exit.co – $2,050
Demo.co – $1,600
Poll.co – $1,000
Maps.co – $1,100
Comm.co – $1,013
refi.co- $1,000
Apt.co – $1,000
BRB.co – $1,000
Kind.co – $1,050
FWD.co – $4,905 (Auction Ended – 47 bids)

The .CO that had the longest bidding war was FWD.co with over 40 bids and lasting over 1 hr and 30 minutes after the official auction end. It ended up selling for $4,905.

Now all of these are just preliminary reults pending on payment from the buyers. I may have missed a few but overall I think the auction went pretty well. This shows that .CO is still in high demand. If you count up all of the .CO’s that reached their reserve we can estimate that the auction brought in over $75,000. But please let me stress we will have to wait for the official final results of the auction to be sure.

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