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Quantum Media Acquires Equity Stake in Funding.com

Funding.com will offer a one-stop solution to small businesses seeking capital.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 08, 2013

Quantum Media Holdings, LLC announced today an equity stake in the domain name Funding.com. Quantum plans to build Funding.com into the leading financial portal on the web for small businesses by providing the most comprehensive information for small business owners seeking capital. Funding.com will offer specialized online financial tools and an extensive knowledge of various forms of funding. The company will offer an easy-to-use interface, clearing up the thorny language and practices involved in small business funding.

The acquisition is timely for Quantum. Following the passing of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, commonly called the JOBS Act, Funding.com will have many more options with which to help small businesses. By familiarizing itself with the lessened regulation of the JOBS Act, Funding.com will become a helpful source of accessible information for start-ups who hope to take advantage of this new legislation. With a specialized expertise in alternative financing, Funding.com will be an invaluable resource to start ups and existing businesses hoping to benefit from the new opportunities the JOBS Act opens.

“In an industry plagued by hidden fees and misleading language, Funding.com will lend transparency to small business owners trying to navigate a historically hostile sector,” says Quantum Media CEO, Ari Zoldan. He adds, “Within a very short period, Funding.com will be the one-stop shop for small businesses looking for funding.” By providing unique, user friendly online tools, Funding.com will provide simplicity to the small business owner. Immersing itself within knowledge of various forms of lending, Funding.com will offer customers all the resources to easily seek various forms of capital.

“Funding.com is prime real estate on the web,” states Lonny Borck a principal of the company; “owning Funding.com is the online equivalent of having a corner office on Wall Street in downtown Manhattan.”

Funding.com will launch in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Those seeking information can request notifications at http://funding.com/.

About Funding.com Media Solutions, LLC
Funding.com supplies a comprehensive set of tools to help small business owners realize the financial services available to them. Providing valuable information and access to resources, Funding.com hosts a friendly community of financial experts to make the process easy. With a commitment to assist small businesses of all sizes and at all stages, Funding.com is positioned to be the leading platform for small businesses by offering a one stop resource for obtaining capital.

For partnerships opportunities contact Ari Zoldan, ari(at)funding(dot)com or on Twitter @arizoldan

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