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Quick flip strategy – From reg fee to $100

Today: How to deal with a whois spammer / Outbound e-mail templates / Showcase your .company domain / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

DepotCheck.de sold for $19,203 – BAM! A nice five digit, two-word, .de ccTLD sales report. Would you have guessed that DepotCheck.de would have sold for more or less than what it did?

Pixel.ca Domain sold at $1750.00 – That’s not too bad of a .ca ccTLD sales report. $1,750.00 for Pixel.ca seems like a pretty good sale. What do you think?

vVenom.com appraisal request -Do you think repeating the first letter of a word gives a domain any value? If so, what do you think vVenom.com should be appraised for?

Outbound e-mail templates – Which outbound email template are you using to send to potential end-users? Check out the templates others are using that work.

Showcase your .company domain – Are you investing in .company domain name assets? Share your favorite ones and see what other investors are buying.

How to deal with a whois spammer – I’m sure everyone have received a few spam calls or emails from people that got your information from whois records. Other than using whois privacy, how are you combating it?

Quick flip strategy – From reg fee to $100 – Are you quick flipping your domains for fast cash? Which quick flipping strategy are you using that works best? Check out what other investors are doing.

Today’s Marketplace/Auction Picks:


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