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Radio.Garden is an Amazing Concept!

Today I stumbled upon a New GTLD that blew my mind. I am totally amazed with this site. Radio.Garden is basically an interactive map with green spots all over the world. These green spots are all different radio stations. You can listen to what is going on in China, Russia or even Korea. I can’t explain the technology it uses because to me its amazing. I had the opportunity to browse the world last night and I thought it was unbelievable that we have technology like this. We wouldn’t have dreamed this 10 years ago. So no need for a shortwave radio or Ham Radio to listen its all on Radio.Garden. I cannot find out much information on who owns that site but they did a superb job!
I attempted to do some research on who owns this. The domain is under whois privacy so it will be difficult to figure it out. I have searched google for hints and basically it looks like this site was launched very recently. I am just starting to see some other news sites posting about it starting yesterday. The only information that I found was from the first story that I see that was posted yesterday from The Atlantic. TheAtlantic.com states: The project, created for the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision by the interactive design firms Studio Puckey and Moniker, was built using an open-source WebGL globe that draws from thousands of radio stations—terrestrial and online-only streams—overlaid with Bing satellite imagery.
If you would like to take a look at TheAtlantic’s story click here. What do you guys think? Please feel free to comment below.

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