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Random discussion about domains that sold and why

Today: Buying LLLL.com + LLL.net + LLL.org / SkiSwitzerland.com sold for $3,550 / .ventures showcase / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Dtaz.com – Interesting four letter .com. Letter + three letter pronounceable (D-Taz). How much do you think the liquid value of this one would be?

Find.Ventures vs Startups.Life – If you were starting up a new business in this niche field, which domain would you choose to brand and develop on?

AnalyseCrypto.com – With the drop in crypto value everywhere, do you think cryptocurrency related domains like this one have value?

Buying LLLL.com + LLL.net + LLL.org – Do you have any of these three and four letter domains in your portfolio? This buyer has a budget of up to $1,500.00 each for some of them.

.ventures showcase – Are you investing into .venture domain names? Share some of your best ones in the showcase and check out what others are investing in.

SkiSwitzerland.com sold for $3,550 – This is a nice Sport + Geo domain name asset. $3,550.00 sounds a bit low fr that niche though. Do you think it was worth what it sold for?

Random discussion about domains that sold and why – Have you ever wondered why a domain sold for what it did? These guys are wondering the same thing and discussing some of the potential reasons.

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