Submit a blog, post, app, website, link, feed or press-release

Submit a blog, post, app, website, link, feed or press-release

Submitting a blog, a website or an app can be very efficient with the correct methodology

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When your brand new website, or your new blog is complete, or when you just published a post or an app, you want people to be aware of it. You want traffic and conversion.

It is possible to submit a website, a blog or an app in multiple places around the web, but what is really difficult is to understand how search engines will react to those submissions – a single link can have a positive or negative impact on a website ranking. It is even unclear what a ranking is because it is all moving pieces where AI is now involved.

Nothing is more efficient than continuous trial and error method to understand the real impact of a link on the ranking of a website, and how this can affect the presence in search engine results.

Submit.Expert exclusively lists the resources needed to submit a blog, a post, a website, a link, a feed, an app or a press release with a positive impact.

For a blog, the resources provided focus on the blog itself, but also on the individual posts, the related RSS feed, as well as a press-releases.

For a website owner, the resources cover the main domain as well as individual pages, and press-releases.

For an app or a web app, the resources provided should help the author to bring traffic to their official download pages.

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