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Ready, Click, BRAND. New Business Names at Oviah.com

Mar. 21, 2016 / PRZen / WARRINGTON, U.K. — New startups face many challeneges, from staffing, marketing and development, through to generating new ideas and finding funding. The biggest hurdle a startup faces is a great name, a name that inspires and evokes emotions.

Oviah.com, a branding and business naming company based in Warrington, UK, has released hundreds of new ready-made brand names on their website. Every brand name has a matching .com domain name and a logo, allowing for startups to view a handpicked selection of high-quality business names, all ready to purchase at a few clicks.

All serious brands have, or hope to have, a matching .com domain name to allow for streamlined delivery of the brand experience to their customers, partners and investors.

When asked about new domain name options, such as .tech and .cloud, the owner Douglas Isaac said: “New gTLDS offer brands a unique approach to deliver internal or product \ service specific platforms to further entice interaction. However, the main brand presence on the web has to be a .com, since this portrays strength, trust and stability. These emotions are all highly charged connectivity wires for any business, and choosing the wrong domain name will lead a brand to rename \ rebrand later down the line.”

Oviah offers business names across many niches, including technology, robotics, marketing, finance, media and health.

Examples of truly relevant and disruptive brand names offered by oviah.com are:





Unlike other marketplaces, Oviah.com owns every name listed on their new website, and therefore can gaurantee availability.

It’s a great look into the emerging world of lean, reverse branding, where the perfect business name is already staring you in the face. The days of spending many tens of thousands of dollars paying a naming firm could be fading away, fast.

Oviah.com’s website is located at http://oviah.com.

Source: Oviah.com

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