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Reseller.YT: “Why should you get your own (.YT) Domain right now”

Reseller.YT is Providing YouTubers With Expanded Advertising Capabilities

Reseller.YT, a free advertising system developed specifically for YouTube channels on today’s platform, is providing individuals with YouTube personas the ability to expand their viewer reach while also cultivating a dependable form of income.

Borne from a passion for making more brand and business owners aware of the benefits of owning (.YT) sites when it comes to driving traffic to YouTube channels, Reseller.YT is providing a sustainable alternative to the billions of regular domain names clogging Internet searches in today’s times.

“Finding a good domain is mandatory and it can definitely offer anyone great service, as well as incredible results in the long run,” said Gameel Hade, Founder and Owner of Reseller.YT. “However, with many domains being sold each minute today, it can be near impossible to find the one that delivers the best value, time and time again. That is where our (.YT) domains come into play.”

Reseller’s .YT extension has been recently offered to the public, indicating its impeccable timing. Positioned at the forefront of the domain revolutions ready to set the stage in 2017, businesses and brands are ready to snatch up all available (.YTs) before they run out.

Business owners and brand ambassadors for years have been capitalizing from the benefits of a popular YouTube Channel, providing them with second sources of income, lead potential, and client exposure. Securing a (.YT) domain ensures another channel of leads for a specific YouTube channel, and helps maintain low costs, which is what all business owners strive to achieve at the end of the day.

For the entrepreneurs more intent on the reselling value as opposed to owning the (.YT) itself, Reseller tested a (.YT) acquisition and sell-off price to illustrate the benefits. The website found that they acquired a vid.yt for around $15, and were able to re-sell the domain only two weeks later for 1,800 euros. The sell-off profits surrounding (.YTs) are massive right now, but Reseller warns this might not be forever.

“Like anything lucrative, there is a finite limit to its worth and supply over a specific time frame,” said Gameel. “Right now is the time for (.YTs), and many business owners are already taking notice. We want everyone to have a fair shot at making a profit through both (.YT) exposure and sell-offs, which is why we’re encouraging everyone to spread the word about our platform, and head on over today to learn more about our core principles.”

(.YT) websites enable users to deliver consistent high quality experiences for their specific user base. Users can connect viewers with their brand, while at the same time, offering useful tools that the provider may need.

For more information, visit: http://reseller.yt.

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