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ReviMedia Acquires PX.com From Media Options

Online Lead Generation Powerhouse ReviMedia Poised For International Roll Out of Its Lead Exchange Platform

ReviMedia, a lead generation company, announced today that it has acquired ultra premium domain PX.com fromMedia Options, the industry-leading domain broker, for $1 Million cash plus additional consideration.

The momentum of this acquisition is anticipated to position ReviMedia to not only expand internationally, but to also enable the company to rebrand its proprietary lead generation automation platform LXP.

“Obtaining the domain PX.com is an exciting and big step forward for ReviMedia” said ReviMedia CEO and Founder Frans van Hulle. “We are now able to take the necessary actions towards increasing our market penetration and exposure. Ownership of PX.com will give ReviMedia an unprecedented advantage over the competition.”

A premium two-letter domain such as PX.com is an extremely rare asset to find in today’s market, and a valuable asset for ReviMedia. The company expects this domain acquisition to protect its digital platform as a premier online destination.

“It will improve search engine rankings and generate traffic, as well as being a virtual asset,” van Hulle added. “PX.com will be the future for ReviMedia’s proprietary lead generation platform, creating a unique value proposition as a part of our lead generation automation strategy.”

“ReviMedia has been a great partner as we have done deals in the past. The PX.com sale is definitely the crown of our partnership,” Media Options CEO Andrew Rosener explained, “The market for 2 and 3 letter domains is very strong, with values continually rising. I am convinced PX.com will add significant value in the positioning and growth of ReviMedia.”

About ReviMedia
ReviMedia is a fast-growing lead generation company, offering sophisticated lead exchange with its proprietary platform. This full-service platform includes a suite of innovative tools providing the newest technology in lead scoring and verification, therefore guaranteeing high lead quality. ReviMedia, a member of Leads Council, operates in a wide range of verticals within the insurance, home services and home security industries, and owns exclusive domains including BestQuotes.com, PetPremium.com and HomeSafety.com. ReviMedia is based in New York, NY

About Media Options
Media Options specializes in high value domains such as 2 letters, 3 letter and one word .com domains. A leader in premium domain name brokerage as well as discreet and professional domain acquisition & investment, Media Options is based in Panama City, Panama.

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