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Rikimu Partners with ecop.com to Offer No-Fee Domain Sales and Increased Transaction Security

Rikimu, based in Luxembourg with offices in San Jose, CA and Portland, OR today has announced no-fee domain name sales on its domain name parking platform. Users who park their domain names on Rikimu’s parking system will enjoy no-commission domain brokerage from a team of experienced online media salespeople, as well as frequent follow ups with interested parties to assist in closing deals.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) June 24, 2013

Rikimu has also announced that their sole sales security partner is ecop.com, which specializes in ensuring the security of domain name and website sales. Any transaction of less than $500 will not be charged a transaction fee. To take advantage of this features, users need only park their domain names at Rikimu by setting up an account and changing the name servers on their domain names at their registrar.

“Because the vast majority of domain name sales occur at a median price range of $300-$700, this is an excellent opportunity for investors and speculators to increase supplementary income via a high volume of short term asset sales,” said Jakob Knightly, Rikimu’s chairman. “We are happy to assist with the sale of domains and websites using our platform on a no-cost basis since the market has continued to adjust against high level brokerage and security fees on mid-range deals over the last two years,” continued Knightly.

About Rikimu:
Rikimu, is an open source domain name and website monetization platform. Offering multiple revenue models, Rikimu focuses on acquiring users who are seeking to increase the overall value of their web asset portfolios. This includes lead generation, pay-per-click, and aftermarket asset sales. An expert on-site sales staff enables Rikimu to develop, cultivate and increase relationships with a wide-range of buyers, as well as investors in domain names and websites, media buys and traffic acquisition technologies. A key ingredient of the Rikimu brand includes its unique philanthropic endeavors. A percentage of incremental revenue is automatically contributed to the charity of each user’s choice.

For more information please contact Rachel Hayes at (503) 662-2070 or visit our website at http://www.rikimu.com.

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