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SecondChanceDomains.com Program Creator Clears The Air

In response to emails they have received KetMo.com officials have issued a statement clarifying the programs mission.

The Second Chance Domains program was created to provide domain owners a second chance to earn profits from select domain names in their portfolio says Scott Alliy President of KetMo.com.

We are excited about this unique and exclusive program and totally dedicated to it’s success he says.

There have been some assumptions that I want to clear up publicly in order to avoid confusion on the part of domain investors that submit their names to the program

Assumption 1 – My names are not getting a fair shake.

Reply: Every domain name submitted gets carefully reviewed. In order to insure the success of the program our domain review team uses several matrix  to determine what names will be accepted.

We only choose names that we think can be sold by our domain marketing team either thru their own efforts or by enlisting outside sales or domain brokers" 

Assumption 2 – KetMo.com will be monetizing names they accept into the second chance program.

Reply: KetMo.com does not park or otherwise monetize domain names that we accept into the second chance domains program. Our focus is on end user sales to domain investors or business, groups, or organizations.

We encourage all domain investors with domain names that are or have expired within 30 days to submit their names for consideration since even though few are accepted … it only takes one to turn a nice profit. 

Individuals with expired domain names can visit
to submit their expiring domain names for consideration.

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