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Sedo’s Great Domains Auction heats up with only 28 hours left!

With only about 24 hours left in Sedo’s Great Domains Auction for April there are already some huge bids on some great domains. If you read our earlier story we have one domain in the auction – CloudBasedServers.com. And, while we haven’t received any bids on the domain yet, we feel confident that there will be some last minute bids. Below are some of the domains with the highest bids so far.

Zimbabwe.com – 6 bids – $31,000
Drill.com – 1 bid – $15,000
Herbal.com – 4 bids – $15,000
HBB.com – 10 bids – $12,100
Yali.com – 2 bids – $10,100
Apps.net – 13 bids – $8,100 EUR ($10,684 USD)
XEE.com – 6 bids – $6,100
OHX.com – 5 bids – $4,600
LLL.net – 13 bids – $3,001

As you can see LLL.com’s are dominating the auction. We also feel that Drinks.net will get many more bids bringing the eventual sales price in excess of $10,000. As of right now the highest bid on Drinks.net is only $1,880 which we think is a steal. You can check out how the auction is going by visiting:


We at TNTNames.com have the only “cloud” domain in the auction and from past results we think it will sell for a very competitive price. http://sedo.de/auction/auction_detail.php?auction_id=126589&tracked&partnerid=35434&language=e
We also have an extensive portfolio of “cloud” domains which you can find here: http://www.tntnames.com/cloud.

Some of the recent notable “cloud” domain sales include CloudServers.com which sold for $32,010 earlier this month, as well as CloudApps.com for $24,000.

We will keep you updated on any new developments before the auction ends. Don’t forget to check back with www.tntnames.com for the latest domain news and most notable domain name sales. Soon we will also be featuring discussions about future trend domains and whether you should invest in them.

Thank you for checking us out and we hope to see you soon!

Tntnames.com staff

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