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Selling domains privately to inexperienced buyers

Today: Buying pronounceable 5L .com / Outbound strategy for .co domains / BeSecure.be Sold for $5,824 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Afdah.tv sold for $1,100! – Another four digit .tv sales report! They just keep coming. They may not be huge ground breaking sales, but you can put your nose up a four digits. They all add up.

How many other domain investors own an RV – This is an interesting topic. It doesn’t look like there are many domain investors out their that travel in an RV while investing into domain names. Do you think more exist?

Investing in real estate Geo domains – Do you have any Geo real-estate domains in your portfolio you want to sell quick? This buyer has a budget up to $99.00 each, for a quick sale.

Buying pronounceable 5L .com – Be sure to double check that domain portfolio of yours. This buyer is ready to sink up to $500.00 big ones into the right five letter .com. Do you have the right one?

Outbound strategy for .co domains – Do you have a strategy in place already that works for .co outbound sales? Share your strategy and check out what others are doing.

BeSecure.be Sold for $5,824 – Not a bad sale at all, but I wasn’t expecting it to go for that much. Do you think this .be ccTLD is for mid-four figures?

Selling domains privately to inexperienced buyers  – Is this something you encounter regularly? How many buyers have you pitched that had no clue how the domain industry works? How do you go about educating them for a sale?

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