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SEO Company New York, ProfitSearch Warns Against Using Multiple Domain Names to Create an Extensive Cross-Linking Network

“Using multiple domain names to create an extensive cross-linking networking scheme is similar to buying into a pyramid scheme or a house of cards! This would ultimately be a very costly mistake which could lead to a major loss is SERP’s and potential website penalties,” stated Peter Rossi founder of ProfitSearch SEO Company New York.

New York, New Jersey, Wilmington DE, Philadelphia, Chicago (PRWEB) August 22, 2013

First, ProfitSearch would like to clarify there are some legitimate reasons why someone would link (or redirect) websites to one another; one good reason would be if someone has changed their domain name and is redirecting to the new site. One would then use a 301 redirect for this purpose. Another good reason for linking websites together would be if someone sells there product in many different countries and has different multiple language website. You would then want to properly link those sites together. Most all other cross-inking of multiple domains could be regarding by search engines as a spammy technique which would reduce a websites SERP #’s dramatically, or even get the website penalized.

Google’s head of Search Spam Matt Cutts answers the following question regarding using multiple domain names in a cross-linking network; “Should a customer with 20 domain names link it all together or not, and if he links it should he add no follow to the link no to pass PageRank? South Africa, Port Elizabeth.”

Matt Cutts even created a video to answer this question; “Why do you have 20 domain names if its all cheap on line casinos or medical malpractice in Ohio, you know that sort of stuff. Having 20 domain names there could look pretty spammy and I probably would not link them all together. On the only hand if you have 20 domain names and they’re all versions of your domain in different countries right, Google.co.za, Google.fr, Google.de that sort of thing, then it can make a lot of sense to have some way to get from one version of the domain to a different version, but even then I probably wouldn’t link all the domains even in the footer all by themselves cause that’s a little bit strange, I’d probably have one link to a country locator page which might even be the main .com that might have flags or something like that so there are ways to get to those other domains and as long as there’s a good way for users to get there then search engine will be able to follow those links as well. Just make sure their normal static HTML and will be able to follow and the PageRank will flow and all that sort of thing. So if there is a really good reason for users to do it maybe you could have a drop down where you can pick you country or something like that, then it might make sense, but having the country top level domains is one of the only areas I can think of where you would really need to have 20 different domains,” states Matt Cutts from Google.

In summary, this article was interned to give the reader a good prospective of how Google feels about massive Cross-Linking Networks and some of the only reasons they would consider it not a spammy SEO scheme.

Please contact ProfitSearch at (302) 383-8030 or http://www.profitsearch.net if you would like more information on how to get involved and volunteer at your local animal shelters.

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