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SEO Positive Responds to Research Which Reveals Retail Sites Dominate Google PPC

Leading online promotion company, SEO Positive, have responded to new research which reveals that retail sites lead the most visible advertisers in Google paid search.

(PRWEB UK) 17 March 2013

Retail sites account for more than half of the top twenty most visible advertisers in Google paid search, according to a new report by Searchmetrics.
A study into the top twenty most visible sites in paid search on Google.com and a similar list for the top performers in organic search highlighted the findings which revealed question site Ask held the top spot for paid search, followed by Amazon and Zappos respectively. Google came forth, using PPC to advertise their own products such as Adsense and Google Chrome.
Wikipedia reigns as the most visible site in organic search on Google, with five times higher visibility then second place Facebook followed by Twitter.
Wikipedia’s visibility was attributed to unique and in-depth content, targeting web pages for key terms and maintaining a strong domain authority, as well as a great internal linking structure.

Ben Austin, Managing Director at SEO Positive, has responded to the data with interest:

“E-commerce is a highly competitive industry, so it’s hardly surprising many of them are vying for an optimum position on Google to gain maximum visibility to potential customers. PPC is one way to guarantee you’ll be noticed above the competition. The fact that Facebook and Twitter feature highly in organic search also highlights how important it is to ensure your brand has a strong social media presence.”

SEO Positive was established in 2007 in Chelmsford, Essex with the aim of bringing effective yet affordable online marketing services to companies from all industries and backgrounds. The company offers a huge range of services including search engine optimisation, Pay Per Click account management, social media marketing and reputation management.


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