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Share your pronounceable LLLL.com

Today: Looking for short – brandable .com names / Selling domains for Cryptocurrency? / ToyGig.com value / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

Advance.Fund was sold for 2,030 USD – A new gTLD domain sales report to get all of you ngTLD investors pumped up and motivated to get out there and sell some more.

BtcCraze.com – Seriously? What on earth or some people thinking by investing in these domain names? Are they right or wrong? Is this just a trend that will die out and leave people holding the bag? How much is this domain worth?

Paypal holding payment for domain sales to Indian citizens – What’s happening over in India with Paypal? Has this happened to anyone else in India or is it an isolated incident?

Selling domains for Cryptocurrency? – You read it right. There are people selling domains for cryptocurrencies. Do you sell domains for crypto too or is that something that you feel will only hurt the seller down the road?

Looking for short – brandable .com names – Be sure to check your domain portfolio for one of these domain assets. This buyer is ready to pull the trigger and buy any domains you have that match their specific criteria.

ToyGig.com value – Maybe a job platform for people that inspect, assemble, or play with toys for a living? While that sounds like a fun way to spin the domain asset, what would the value of the asset actually be?

Share your pronounceable LLLL.com  – Do you have any pronounceable four letter .com domain names in your portfolio? Be sure to share them so this investor can decide if they want to buy them from you or not.

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