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Canadian Registrar SiberName announces that the new Top Level Domains: .courses ($63.45) and .study ($43.95) are now open to all registrants. Individuals, institutions and businesses involved in teaching or training are eligible to register .courses domains. This applies equally to onsite or online courses. Individuals, groups, and businesses involved in facilitating learning are eligible to register .study domains. This is effective immediately. Anyone can register. As always though, first-come, first-served.

There is greater competition for courses being offered by educators in the public and private sectors. Students no longer limit their course searches to .edu institutions. Since the Internet is where students now shop for their learning or training needs, it pays to be found more easily using .courses domains. Registering domains with these extensions bumps up search engine rankings and shows commitment and focus to certain courses.

The sponsoring organization is the Open Universities Australia Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia

About SiberName:
SiberName is a Canadian registrar and web-hosting company located in Ottawa, Canada. Since 2000 SiberName as been providing Internet consulting services to a wide range of companies and individuals requiring the implementation and hosting of new technologies for their online presence. SiberName’s mission is to be the best host of Internet solutions that help increase the “online sustainability and mobility” of small businesses, individuals and re-sellers.

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