Sibername - Perfect solutions for your web presence

Sibername – Perfect solutions for your web presence

SiberName produces “just in time” How-To videos.

Internet domain name registrar SiberName has created a number of short “how to” videos for Sibername’s Youtube channel. They were initially produced for clients seeking basic information on building websites. The simple videos effectively decreased support calls for such basic issues. Since they also increased sales (both from existing clients as well as from new prospects) the company then decided to insert “how to” videos throughout the SiberName website.

The topic selection for the videos is entirely market driven. Video topics come from the frequently asked questions of current clients as well as general market feedback. The market directs the tech support team to produce the videos it needs. SiberName believes in producing “just in time” not “just in case” videos,videos that respond to current needs. Since videos are perhaps the quickest and most effective way to explain the solutions to technical questions as well as answer customer inquiries, Sibername is committing to produce more videos.

Here is an example of a “how two” video clip that has been effective:

SIberName is planning to broadcast live shows in 2017 to help startups optimize their online presence.

About SiberName:
SiberName is a Canadian registrar and web-hosting company located in Ottawa, Canada. Since 2000 siberName as been providing Internet consulting services to a wide range of companies and individuals requiring the implementation and hosting of new technologies for their online presence. SiberName’s mission is to be the best host of Internet solutions that help increase the “online sustainability and mobility” of small businesses, individuals and re-sellers.

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