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Sibername Launches .LTD Domain Name Extension Registration Service

The .LTD domain extensions are available worldwide from June 22nd, 2016. This new domain name extension is an alternative to using the .COM or .BIZ domain extensions.

SiberName has announced the registration service of a new domain name extension “.LTD”. Now it is possible to have a website in mycompany.ltd format.

The new domain name targets the Limited corporations. In many countries including Canada, USA and Turkey, a Limited Corporation is defined by the abbreviation LTD such as Sibername Ltd.

Now it is time to put the dot between the name of the company and its LTD abbreviation.

The .LTD domain extensions are available worldwide from June 22nd, 2016. This new domain name extension is an alternative to using the .COM or .BIZ domain extensions. The domain name can be registered without the need to prove that a company is a “Limited Corporation”

Once registered, the new URL can be forwarded to their existing website, or an alternative website can be created altogether.

Whatever a registrant eventually decides to do, it would be wise to register the company’s .LTD domain as soon as possible while the domains for their company is still available.

The new domain names are always registered on a “first come, first served” basis.

A domain name should be a key part of a a corporation’s marketing strategy. Perhaps having a .LTD website is more globally specific than having a .COM website, since the “limited” corporate structure is seen in many nations. Corporations may want to have both but it is highly recommended registering the .LTD version of their .COM website while it is still available. Interested parties can register a .LTD domain name through this link.

These are some benefits of registering a .LTD Domain name?

-Become part of the new .LTD network of companies, the new online home of limited companies worldwide!

-The domains not available in .COM are most probably available at .LTD today

-It’s more specific than .COM domains. It simultaneously describes your company’s name and corporate status

-It simultaneously increases the credibility and search-ability of a company, for an affordable price

-Utilizing a .LTD website for an online service will set them apart from their competitors.

-It’s perhaps the most affordable marketing investment that can be made with immediate and long-term results

-Migrate an existing website to a domain name that is shorter, more descriptive and easier to remember.

-Use it to build an alternative web site, perhaps a more “connected” one (partner companies, social media)

-Be found more easily in search engines by people who search for “limited corporations”

-It may increase a web site’s search engine ranking and people may prefer to remember your new domain name.

Where can someone register a .LTD domain name?

It is possible to check availability of a .Ltd Domain name through the link here.

Release date:     June 22nd, 2016

Cost: Starting at $24.95

Why Sibername?

–Reputable: Sibername has been a registrar and website hosting company for 16 years!

–Accredited: Sibername accreditations include ICANN, CIRA and Eurid

–Unique: Sibername has an app for you to create an auto-SEO, mobile-ready website, using your smartphone!

–Value: Sibername offers unlimited web page additions using Weebly Editor at no extra cost using our hosting. Also domain name privacy is free and included in the low cost of domain name registration fee.

–Expertise: Sibername has qualified SEO consultants to help you in the gradual transitioning of your current website to your new domains name without loss in search engine ranking.

Founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in Ottawa, ON, CANADA. For additional information, visit http://www.Sibername.com or call (888)-333 38 60

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