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Single domain backordering

Today: No TLD premium domain names left? / 11E.com sold for $10,191 / NTIA Public Comment period on Internet Policy / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Looking for pronounceable 4L COM – If you have the right pronounceable four letter .com in your portfolio, this buyer is ready to spend up to $2.5k for it right now. Check out their guideline.

How to request private sale – Ever wanted a domain so bad you could taste it, but don’t want anyone else knowing what you paid for it in case you want to resell for profit later? Check out this discussion on that topic.

DronePilotTraining.co.uk – This would be awesome in .com, but what about the second level ccTLD .co.uk? What kind of value do you think it has in that extension?

NTIA Public Comment period on Internet Policy – If you are following all the legal discussions regarding laws and policies that may effect the domain industry, this is another good one to check out.

11E.com sold for $10,191 – This just goes to show that number, number, letter sequenced domain names still have some decent value. Would you have guessed this one would sell for five digits?

No TLD premium domain names left? – Really? I am sure that one could still find a diamond in the rough, but what are the odds of that these days? Are there better odds playing the lottery?

Single domain backordering – Do backorder domains regularly and have a favorite place to do it every time? Where is it? You share yours and others will share theirs. Who’s is the best do you think?

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