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SiteTrail Domain Analysis Introduces New Tool to Measure Web Traffic for Any Domain

Now web enthusiasts can measure traffic data for any website via the SiteTrail WHOIS tool. It provides more than 8 different metrics and helps users keep track of their favorite website.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

The web analysis and social news giant, SiteTrail.com which helps web enthusiasts to keep track of their any website and enable domain owners to build more popularity online has now added a new feature to it’s domain analysis section. Now users will also be able to measure web traffic too.

With a growing trend in web and competitor research, and the required data still rather scattered across the web, SiteTrail innovated by aggregating the most sought after data onto a single analysis section which will also include web traffic data, very much like the GraphBuzz, Quantcast and Alexa tools already available on the web. This means that whilst researching the WHOIS domain data and backlink analysis for any relevant domain, traffic data will now be available and users can now see just many visitors a brand receive monthly.

Prominent visitor data by country:

With the USA, India, Russia, China and Brazil being major sources of web traffic – the WHOIS analysis will show exactly which countries take the lead in providing a brand with it’s online traffic. A list of over 50 countries is available, with the top 10 being displayed on the SiteTrail analysis page.

Users can generate unlimited domain checks:

When researching various web properties, users typically would request analysis on domains from across all sectors, such as skydrive.live.com which is a technology related domain, or detiknews.com which is a news service, or even gmail.com, the popular email service. Users can thus perform unrestricted web analysis with the SiteTrail analysis tool.

The editor of SiteTrail had this message to users: “As a result of user engagement and suitable feedback we are able to deliver the tools required by our users. Web research is one of the fastest growing trends and we aim to provide as many useful domain tools as possible. People enjoy accessing data and the SiteTrail user experience is unmatched in this league.”

Future development: SiteTrail is currently investing in diversifying it’s portfolio to include domain analysis tools as well as webmail which will deliver an exciting new email service to users, combined with social media features which will be highly engaging to web users.
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