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SiteTrail exceeds 20,000 WHOIS domain checks per day in January – setting new trends on the web.

SiteTrail, the online website analysis platform, has reached a high level of WHOIS domain checks. With more than 20,000 searches for a single day, the website that started only 2 years ago is already rivaling the other big WHOIS analysis giants.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 27, 2013


SiteTrail, the online website analysis platform, has seen historically high levels of WHOIS domain checks, in particularly over January 2013. This is largely due to an increase in web users who choose to verify registrar details such as domain ownership for sites they visit. With more than 20,000 searches for a single day, the website that started only 2 years ago is already rivaling the other big WHOIS giants.

SiteTrail helps users keep track of their favorite websites by providing its users analytical information about the websites of interest. It has WHOIS domain check capabilities with additional features that are not found anywhere else on the web. It is probably the different approach that SiteTrail has taken when it comes to website analysis that has earned it this number of domain checks users in the shortest amount of time.

In most cases, users visit a WHOIS website is search of domain information, they find information such as the owner’s contact address and not much more. The fact that they have shown interest in that domain name suggests that they might be interested in buying the domain name. But to be sure if that is the right domain name to buy for their new business, they want to have more information about it. Information like the amount of traffic that domain gets, the number of inbound and outbound links it has and if possible an estimation of how much money they could make out of it.
The traditional way to get more information about the domain an internet marketer is interested in is to first check the domain through a WHOIS website. The next step is to rely on another website to check the inbound and outbound links. Then again look for another website to have an estimation of the traffic it gets and so on. Those who have the money can choose to buy software that will enable them to do the research much quicker. But those softwares don’t come cheap and some of them may require a monthly subscription. With SiteTrail users get all that useful information for free. No wonder
SiteTrail users stick to it and keep coming back.

This is what the editor of SiteTrail had to say about the boost in WHOIS domain checks on the website: “Considering the increase in the amount of traffic the website is going through, this is a real sign that the user experience on SiteTrail is amongst the best of WHOIS domain check sites out there.” users can also try out our WHAT IS MY IP service contained in the Free Webmaster Tools section

With SiteTrail.com users can be sure to get to know everything they need to know about a website, all nicely arranged on a single page. Gone are those days where one had to do multiple searches on different website just to gather bits of information. Internet marketers can now save a lot of valuable time with SiteTrail – their competitors are probably already using it. It would be a shame to let them have the advantage to themselves – visit SiteTrail today http://www.sitetrail.com

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