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Some Hosted Sites with Network Solutions hacked!

Network Solutions just posted on their Facebook that there has been a cyber-attack on some sites that are hosted with Network Solutions. Here is what they are saying:

“Some of you have posted about issues with your sites. yesterday (July 15th) some Network Solutions customer sites were compromised. We’re investigating the cause of this situation, but our immediate priority is restoring your sites as quickly as possible.”

“Unfortunately, cybercrime is a persistent threat in today’s world. Despite our best efforts, no one is immune – including large providers like Network Solutions. We’re always working to create a more secure and reliable Internet environment for our customers”

“Please refer to my.web.com/12DyLxE. We appreciate your patience while we work to restore the affected sites.”

Network Solutions hasn’t provided any other info such as the number of affected sites that are down. If your site is down we would love to hear any other info you may have. Please comment below.

Here is an update. It appears that the site NetworkSolutions.com is down.

“Network Solutions is experiencing a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack that is impacting our customers as well as the Network Solutions site. Our technology team is working to mitigate the situation. Please check back for updates.”

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