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Some serious advice about an outbound negotiation

Today: Looking To Buy Brandable Domain Names / FindLoans.com sold for $10,000 / Circularity.com sold for $9888 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

PoolHouseDesigns.com – I know it’s a long one, but this sure does feel like a winner. There’s definitely a market for pool house construction and with construction comes design and architecture. How much do you think this one is worth?

HempBodyOil.com – Ok, I have to admit, this one does sound like a product line, using a generic category killing niche targeted term. I would think that this one would have some good value. What do you think?

RoboLifestyle.com – Is this even a thing? Are there role-play-play people out there that might be interested? Seems like a really small but very targeted niche. What would you appraise this domain for?

Looking To Buy Brandable Domain Names – Be sure to check your portfolio for one of these brandable domain names. This buyer is ready to invest as long as it fits their guideline.

Circularity.com sold for $9888 – I would have never pegged this domain to be in the high four figures. Maybe, low four figures. Why do you think this domain sold for so much?

FindLoans.com sold for $10,000 – Another great two word five digit domain name sales report to get you motivated again.

Some serious advice about an outbound negotiation – If you have ever wondered what the exchange of words might look like in an outbound negotiation for one of your domain names, this is a great way to peek behind the curtain.

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