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Spanish Domains. Yay or Nay?

I recently won 3 auctions via Godaddy Auctions. They all were one word Spanish domains and Godaddy reported that there were 42,500 or so hits per month on each of them. It wasn’t exactly the same but very close. I am starting to wonder if these traffic figures are wrong. Well I won all three and currently have them parked at DomainNamesSales.com. They have been there about a week and each have barely any traffic. Well I am ok with that but I am going to move them around and see if other parking companies report any traffic.

My main question is that do these domains have any worth? I paid less than $100 for each of them so it wasen’t a huge investment. The domains are as follows:

Cotizar.org – (To Quote, To Value in Spanish)

Estoy.org – (Am in Spanish)

Despues.org – (Later, Next in Spanish)

Does anyone see any value in these domains? When I bought them they had 2 pluses that I look at. One word domain and high traffic. I know they are not .com’s but I think the .org is still strong. So if you guys have any input it would help me out and all of our readers. Was this a bad buy or a good buy? If I can sell them at low to mid $xxx I would be very happy. Are these domains worth that or more?

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