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Strategic Domain Names Could Give a Big Edge in the 2016 Presidential Election

2016.com is now for sale through Names Plus Marketing

WASHINGTON, Jan. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Early favorites Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton might actually be in jeopardy. There is competition in the Republican field and perhaps we may see a surprise on the Democratic side.

Since Barack Obama’s win in the 2012 presidential campaign, all parties and candidates have come to understand one universal truth about campaigning: he or she who wins the online battle has a great chance to win the election.

So what’s the next obvious digital media play for candidates, parties and even media companies looking to capture mindshare for the 2016 election? Where can we expect to see the next move to control the political conversation?

“We believe the next big edge in the political race is the use of strategic domain names,” said Alan Hack, CEO of Names Plus Marketing, a domain name and Internet marketing company that has facilitated many premium domain name sales and acquisitions over the last 15 years and is currently representing the sale of the domain name 2016.com. “Candidates and parties are looking to attract voters and communicate their message.  The media are also vying for the attention of voters. One of the most powerful domain names to use to connect with voters in 2016 is 2016.com.

“A domain name like 2016.com can immediately link a candidate, party, or a media company with the election year. It is instantly memorable and can create a significant unconscious association in the minds of potential voters.”

The Hill estimates nearly $5 billion will be spent during the 2016 presidential election cycle. The Koch brothers alone are estimated to have budgeted $889 million as part of their 2016 war chest.

Over the next several months getting the attention of voters, many of whom may be undecided, will be critical during this long campaign.

“We can’t tell you who we are in negotiations with, but we can say that many of the major players are vying for the acquisition of 2016.com recognizing this is a one of a kind digital asset,” said Alan Hack.

Domains like 2016.com would be highly attractive acquisitions for candidates like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and even those candidates trying to compete with these front runners.  It could also be valuable to the major political parties like the Democratic and Republican parties.  In addition, 2016.com could be acquired by a media company like CNN, Fox, or MSNBC who want to keep voters informed and who stand to generate significant revenue.

“At its simplest level, a domain name like 2016.com allows a tremendous return on investment. Intuitive, memorable, marketable, and credible domain names like 2016.com have the power to go viral and capture massive mind share and market share.  How easy is it to remember 2016.com? The answer to that question is obvious. For a fraction of what candidates, parties, special interests and media companies are spending they can literally own the election year with 2016.com and drive voters to this credible and memorable digital destination.”

With just about 10 months to go before the 2016 election there will undoubtedly be many surprises, power plays and strategic moves that will continue to unfold. The big questions are what will the moves be and who will be making the winning moves?  A winning move could definitely be the strategic acquisition and use of the domain name 2016.com.


SOURCE Names Plus Marketing


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