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Sunday Funday is now over. But its just the beginning of a good week ahead!

So I would say that today was a good day. I spend most of my time on Sundays trying to find the next big thing. Its always hit or miss. I found a godaddy code today for $3.99 each .com up to 5 domain names. Well it took me a really long time to find reg fee domains that I might be able to flip for a profit. I enjoy the hunt for domains. Its the reason why I do what I do. I use a ton of different websites to find out what domains have dropped recently. I usually have a list of keywords that I like that include a lot of brandable terms like “chat” “box” “ify” “friend” along with a few others. The only reason why I do so is that my most recent domain sale was for Friendpop.com. I believed that this domain was worth at least mid $x,xxx. But I had the domain for about 2 years and never had an offer. I sold it for $1399 which is a great return since I bought it for $8.19. I sold the domain via the godaddy premium listings so I took a huge hit on their 30% fee which I think is ridiculous. Hey I needed the money and if I can repeat that a few times a month then I am good. So the moral of the story is I do believe brandable social media style domains are winners. If you take a look at most of the startups on angel.co and other fund raising sites you will see that the there are a ton of them. Here are my most recent pick ups. Let me know what you think. I learn new things every day so dont hold back if you think I am wrong…

BTW I am big on future trend domains hence the hologram domains so dont knock it until you try it. 🙂


Let me know what you think. BTW here is the link to the code if you have 5 domains in mind. HEre is the code that worked for me tonight. cjcwd399


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