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Taxation on domain name sales

Today: The best investment between .media and .news / Is this a trademark issue? / Austin, Texas Meet-Up / And more!

Here are the new domain discussions and domain news.

$50,000 Budget: 1 Word.com / CVCV.com / LLL.com – Now this is a reason to check your portfolio! A $50,000.00 budget to invest into a domain name. Do you have the one he wants?

What should I do If a Domain gets Bids on multiple platforms? – Sounds like a horror story. I think the first way to eliminate that is to not start auctions or have the option to push to auction in more than one place. Make offer & fixed price is fine, but avoid multiple auction listings. What are your thoughts?

Developing Domains? How would you do it? – Do you have a development strategy or checklist you use when it comes to expanding your domain assets to have them generate revenue for themselves?

Austin, Texas Meet-Up – Are you in or around the Austin, Texas area and looking to meet-up with other investors or developers? Head on over and let them know so you can arrange a time to meet for coffee and conversation.

Is this a trademark issue? – If you have some trademark or intellectual property experience in the legal sector, maybe you can assist this investor with their trademark concerns.

The best investment between .media and .news – Which extension do you think is the stronger investment and why? Share some of your research data and experience with others to compare notes.

Taxation on domain name sales – Now here’s a topic a lot of domain investors try to avoid but eventually end up having to face reality on. Yes, domain sales are taxable. Be sure you do all your research in this area of domain investing.

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