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Tech Site Seeks to Help Entrepreneurs Catch the Coming Wave of Wearable Technology

Newly launched smartwearabletech.com offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of wearable tech such as Google Glass through domain names and branded websites.

Alexandria, Virginia (PRWEB) September 26, 2013

Business owners and entrepreneurs should visit http://smartwearabletech.com to get a glimpse of some unique wearable tech domain names.

Futurists and tech watchers have gotten a glimpse of the future and they all agree the 21st Century will be the age of wearable technologies such as Google Glass and smart running shoes. What the cell phone is to the LAN line, wearable technology will be to the PC. This is the true logical conclusion to the mobile revolution.

Now, a newly launched website seeks to aid entrepreneurs in catching this coming wave of wearable technologies by offering early adopters domain names that are especially targeted to these body borne technologies. Smartwearabletech.com has registered a vast number of the most sought-after domain names in the soon to be exploding field of wearable technologies and is now offering them to their forward thinking customers.

Domains include:











They are sure to be in high demand when the wearable tech market takes off in the coming months and those who are best positioned to capture their segment of this market are those who are most likely to cash in. Tech watchers are comparing it to that moment in the early 90’s when entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com anticipated the starting gun of the internet race and got a crucial head start.

Timing is Everything

But timing is, of course, crucial when it comes to getting ahead in this game. That is why now is the time for those who wish to enter this quickly warming market to jump in. As venture capitalist and tech analyst Mary Meeker put in a Wired.com article earlier this year, “Wearables in particular – everything from health monitoring bands to Google Glass to Smart Watches – are coming on faster than is typical in a 10-year tech adoption cycle.” In other words, there is no time like the present.

One need only consider the changes that have occurred in the last decade to realize how quickly the tech landscape morphs. A decade ago we did not have tablets, Facebook or YouTube. Now these are so standard we don’t even think twice about them and virtually everyone either uses them or is the worse off for not using them. In a decade’s time the average consumer is likely to have shoes that track her steps, watches that monitor her heart rate and glasses that let her identify the location of nearby friends and colleagues.

The revolution of wearable tech is coming. The only question now for entrepreneurs is will they be in the vanguard or playing catch up? Websites like SmartWearableTech.com are there to serve as a conduit to this coming age.

Those who would like to find out more about Smart Wearable Tech domain names and how they can acquire business domains for their company can visit http://www.smartwearabletech.com. Follow us on Twitter (@buywearabletech).

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Mr. Jesse Vargas

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